6/5/14 Morning Musing: No Small Miracle

I woke up this morning and checked my social media and found a message from a dear friend. She was vulnerable and requesting prayer on behalf of a friend who is deeply grieving. So many things went through me when I read her account of what prayer was needed for and the tragedy surrounding the need. But despite all of the praying I am doing for my friend’s friend, there is one thing that I simply can not get past…the honor that I feel that she opened up to me. That is the subject of today’s musing.

I believe it is no small miracle when a broken person in this broken and painful world takes a chance and opens up to me. I do not take that lightly. After all, we are all broken usually because we have been damaged by other people in the past…someone has let us down before and caused pain and damage and grief in us. I believe it is truly miraculous when we are able to overcome our fear of more damage and pain with the hope of connection and love and peace and I am so in awe of the Holy Spirit right now for being able to stir that in his people.

All of this is probably not new to you all…I mean, prayer requests are common-place here in the Bible-belt…but what struck me was how earnest and vulnerable my friend was in her message to me. When someone lets me see a little glimpse of their soul…that is just beautiful and amazing and special and rare…and I have been thanking God all morning for that and for this friend. In fact, I’m blubbering as I type this musing…it’s ridiculous really.

But, it’s got me thinking again. I know that I am not the average bear…I have been accused of being an “over-sharer”…whatever…I’m totally fine with that. But I know that “normal” people find it a bit harder to share than I do. So, can some of you please let me know what it is that makes you feel safe to share with someone? What characteristics are you looking for in a friend that you can be true and real and raw with? Or do you ever even get to that point with people? Do you have those kind of people in your life? Do they know that they are those people for you? And just a request from my experience this morning…will you please let them in on…it because this has made my entire day despite the tragic circumstances. This friend was worried about burdening me but…wow! I am so blessed by her sincerity and realness…it completely over-rides any burden that I might experience. So, your mission should you choose to accept it is: 1. Share what characteristics you look for in a bone-deep, soul-sharing kind of friend. 2. Acknowledge whether or not you have any of these kinds of friends in your life and find a way to let them know. and 3. Take it a bit further and try to be the kind of friend that you value…invest in your soul so you can pour out into others.

Much love friends,

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