7/25/14 Morning Musing: Pouring into One Another

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and praises in my soul despite the barking that was causing me to wake up at 5:30am (Again! Good morning Maverick…our foster puppy.) Last night, it was officially announced that our good friends are getting to adopt a new and precious little boy and my heart is celebrating! This amazing couple have been pouring into my sweet Michaela for years. They were her Sunday School teachers at church every Sunday morning from ages 2 to 7…and trust me…some of those years (specifically 2 and 3) were not easy. This couple has come and picked M up to take her out for ice cream, they have shown up at her school to eat lunch with her, they have been “her people.” When we have had family conversations about who our “safe grown ups” are…you know, the people that the kids could answer the door for or leave in a car with…this couple has been up there on the list with the grandparents! I am so excited for them and am bubbling over with joy for this couple…I am praying that Stan and I will be able to pour into the life of their precious little one in even a fraction of the way that they have poured into Michaela.

I guess my musing this morning has several seemingly random points (none of them are political…so please don’t turn this into a debate.) The first point is that we each have the ability to change lives in deep and lasting ways. My friends have done that for our family and I am praying that their community of friends (ourselves included) will all do the same. To me, raising a child is an over-whelming and scary thing…but that is replaced with hope and joy and blessings when people reach out with open hands and love each other well.

My second point is that blessings often come through the sacrifice of others. I am specifically thinking of the birth mother right now. I’m praying that God will heal her body from delivery and her heart…as I imagine she is filled with mixed emotions. Between hormones from pregnancy and delivery, the joy she must have at finding a beautiful and loving family for her baby, and the grief I am sure she must be experiencing at saying good-bye to a baby that she has lovingly carried inside her for months…I have not met her but I am sure she is an emotional mess right now. I am praying that God would honor her sacrifice and bless her for the love that she has shown this baby and my friends…this was no small thing she did…it is beautiful and selfless and deeply loving…and my soul leaps joyfully inside me when I think about it.

My third, and final (and lesser) point, is that I have many friends who would refer to all of this as karma…I would whole-heartedly disagree with that. Yes, this couple is amazing and now something amazing is happening to their family…but I think that is a blessing from God, not karma. See, karma would indicate that they somehow deserved the years of not being able to have the family that they have dreamed of. Karma would indicate that the birth-mother deserves the emotional and physical turmoil of giving up her baby. Karma, in theory sounds nice, until it is applied to real life situations: rape, incest, molestation, murder, bullying, and abuse of all forms would all be “deserved” if karma were true. I do not believe that anyone deserves to be a victim…I do believe, however, that God sustains us through trouble and blesses us in life…so with that, I reject karma. However, if you believe in karma, I don’t reject you…there is room for us to civilly disagree and even discuss these things.

So how are you doing with these things? Are you pouring into the lives of others? Are you involved in a community that serves each other selflessly? Have you ever been the recipient of selfless and life-changing sacrifice? How might you sacrifice for the benefit of others? Are you giving our loving God credit for the blessings in your life? How can you practice gratitude for your blessings?

Today, I am praying for my friends and their new baby boy as they begin a new journey in life. I am praying for the birth-mother and asking God to honor her beautiful example of selflessness and sacrifice. I am praying that we would all serve others around us and change lives (and the world) for the better. Much love friends,


7/24/14 Morning Musing: I’d Like to Order Some Truth with a Side of Grace, Extra Love, and Hold the Judgement Please.

We all know that guy…you know the one: The one that shoots from the hip with his hateful comments about how other people aren’t measuring up. The one that you can not help but feel judged around if you ever reveal what is really going on in your life. The one that makes you cringe to be around him but you keep seeing him at church so you HAVE to be nice to him and pretend he doesn’t make your stomach turn. The one whose wife you pity so deeply and wonder how she ended up with him because she is just so dang nice. The one that exhausts you to be around because doing so siphons every single ounce of energy from you. Or maybe…that guy is that girl. Maybe it’s a relative of yours. Maybe it’s you. I know it has been me before…for a long time in fact, it WAS me…sometimes, it still is.

There is a line somewhere…it’s hard to find sometimes…but it’s there. We are meant to embrace truth whole-heartedly…which I believe “that guy” wants to do…but we are also meant to extend love and grace whole-heartedly. Sometimes, it seems like an impossible task…I guess if we are trying to do it on sheer will-power, it is impossible. But that is the problem…WE weren’t meant to be what produces growth-filled change in people…Jesus is. So, how do we keep ending up in the way?

I think part of the problem is that we distance ourselves from our sins. See, this is another balancing act: I don’t want to live with guilt and shame when I have been forgiven of my sins…but I also don’t want to distance myself so far from them that I forget the amazingly restorative grace that has been extended to me. That grace, for me, makes life worth living and makes people worth loving because when I have been unlovable, I was still loved by Jesus and by people who extended unfathomable grace to me. I have received unexplainable forgiveness for unpardonable errors. To balance truth with grace and love, it is important for me to remember the gifts that I have received.

I think another part of the problem is that we only identify with the struggles that we personally are tempted with…because we WANT our sins to be pardon-able. We are less invested in making sure that others, who experience different temptations than we do, get to experience grace. Why is that? Why do we want to deprive someone else of the very life-giving thing that has saved us from isolation and self-loathing? When we nurse pet sins (those sins/temptations that we like to refer to in other people) that we look down on…it does not make us stand out above the other person in a good way, it separates us from God because Jesus is close to people when they are hurting and broken…he pursues the broken and redeems them. That is the beauty of grace, isn’t it? It’s undeserved. It’s personal. It touches our deepest wounds and most secret battles.

But then, there is the pendulum swing in the other direction: When there is only emphasis on grace, we can miss truth…and Jesus IS truth so it is important that we don’t mis-represent what it is that truth actually is. So, how do we maneuver this? This type-A-math-and-science-loving-gal would love to tell you that there is a formula…in my experience, there is not. For me, I have had to practice the discipline of shutting my mouth and quieting my own thoughts so that I can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. This was not easy for me…anyone who knows me knows that I rarely shut up…so I had to start with just sitting and being quiet and still with no distractions (as a mom, this has been particularly challenging for me…I can’t even use the bathroom or take a shower without distractions and an audience.) But I started carving out just 5 minutes each day to sit in my back yard, usually with a cup of coffee, and asking God to help me quiet my thoughts and share his with me. It was really hard at first and there were times that I was unable to make myself shut up. With time and practice though, I got better at it and my mind would quiet faster because I had been training it to respond to certain cues: coffee, sitting outside on my back patio, quiet, and morning (this is how morning musings were birthed by the way.) I started asking God to use me…to let me be a tool in his hands…to teach me how to love people well.

Do you struggle with this too or is it just me? Are there people you have a hard time extending grace to? Do you end up “just telling it like it is” to them? (By the way, I have found no passages in the Bible that express the virtue of just telling it like it is…I’ve seen many about truth, forgiveness, love, and grace though.) Have you distanced yourself from God because “his people” are so difficult to love and, more than anything, you don’t want to be “that guy?” Consider this: maybe don’t judge God based on my life. Maybe don’t compare me to another or Christian or to a person who is not a Christian. Maybe take into consideration the difference between where my life would be without Jesus versus where my life is with him…because THAT is a huge difference.

Praying that we are all able to speak truth today but that it is tempered with love and grace so that it draws people to the God we deem worthy of worship. Much love friends,


7/16/14 Morning Musing: Keeping it Above the Belt

There is a right way to fight…and many wrong ways. I’ve been thinking about this this morning because I’ve had someone in my life that I am fighting with and it becomes hard to maneuver well. I love this person…but right now, he/she is not a safe person for me to spend time with. The thing is…I don’t think that broken relationships glorify God…unity, peace, and grace glorify God…so, what to do? I struggle because I am not angry with this person…I’m not harboring hard feelings…but I also can not allow the behavior of the past to continue…it simply isn’t healthy for anyone. To complicate matters, other people have been brought into the dispute and, as people do, they have chosen sides…so even if we get this worked out there are now other people who have picked up this offense and are holding it close to their chest.

I am feeling caught in the tension: I feel like on one side, I am a child of God and I have to respect that I am his creation and image-bearer…so that means that I must be wise and not expose myself to unsafe people. On the other side, I feel like Jesus has shown unending grace with me…so, wouldn’t it be a way to honor him by extending extra grace to this person. The question for me is where is the line? Where is the “right answer?” My science-loving type-A geek-out side wants there to be a formula and process in place that tells me exactly what to do…but it seems that this is more of a “feel-your-way-through-it” kind of situation…which sends me into a tizzy. Have any of you ever felt this way? What I have been doing up to this point is withdrawing from the person and praying for him/her to experience change and growth. I am also praying that I will not pick the offense back up…but instead will pray and love from a distance until it is safe to love from closer.

How are you all doing with this? Am I the only one who finds herself in this limbo with people? Does it seem especially hard when the other person is also a Christian? Aren’t we all trying to honor the same God with our actions? Am I the only one putting this much thought into it? Should I be putting less thought into it? How do you handle it when other people are being negatively affected by it? Or when others are going to be negatively affected regardless of how you handle it? My musing is more of a request for input today…what are your thoughts? How do you maneuver through this tension?

Praying that we all learn how to fight in a way that honors God. Much love friends,


7/15/14 Morning Musing: Shut Up and Show Me

If you had to spend the remainder of your life unable to speak, would the people that you love know that you love them?

We were mentoring an engaged couple a few years back and got to talking about household chores. This couple seemed to agree on most everything that had to do with responsibilities around the house except laundry. They both agreed that the woman was going to be responsible for doing the laundry (understand, I am making no statements here about “women’s work” or gender roles…that is an entirely separate post) but what they didn’t agree on was how the laundry should be put into the hamper. I know, I know…this sounds stupid…bear with me. So, the prospective husband was prone to peeling off his dirty clothes which left them all inside out for the laundry. The prospective wife was saying that she would like for him to turn his clothes right-side-out before tossing them into the hamper because it made doing laundry so much more time-consuming for her when she had to turn everything out again.

The conversation went on for a while and he finally said “Well, when it’s time for you to do the laundry, I’ll come turn everything right-side-out and then you won’t have to.” Problem? That meant that she would only be able to do laundry when he was home from work…nights and weekends…when she wanted to be resting. That…or…I pointed out that she could request that he come home throughout the day from work to flip everything right-side-out. Seems like a ridiculous suggestion, doesn’t it? That was the point.

What in the world am I getting at? Here you go: When someone is choosing to serve you in some way…to minister to you…to voluntarily meet your needs, don’t purposely make it harder on them. This woman was happily choosing to serve her husband. She was showing him that she loved him and wanted to care for him. She made one simple request and he was digging his heels in. Why?
I don’t know…maybe he was exerting power…maybe he was really forgetful…maybe he thought her request was silly…but…well, I’ve seen relationships end over less because it communicates that you are not only not a team but also that you lack basic respect for your partner. It also communicates that you aren’t there for them in the little things, so you certainly won’t be there for them when the big stuff happens.

Basically, I think that what we really believe shows through in our actions. Talk is cheap but actions show what is going on in your heart: self-sacrifice, greed, selfishness, ego-centricity, passion, kindness, and love are all quite evident by our actions. We convey a lot about the condition of our heart through how we treat people. So, how are you doing with this? Do your words and actions line up? If you had to live the remainder of your life wordlessly, would the people that you love know that you love them? How can you show people what you believe? How can you show people the person you want to be?

Today, I am praying that you will not only love people deeply…but that your loved ones will have no doubt as to the depth of your love because you show them clearly through your actions. Much love friends,


7/14/14 Morning Musing: Joy Thief

This morning, I picked up my kiddos from Tennis Camp to find little dude crying because he wasn’t getting a treat (gatorade) from his coach but his sister had won a treat. Every statement he made had to do with Michaela…not what he seemed to think he had done to earn a treat. He was jealous, plain and simple. While discussing this in the car on the way home, I pulled out in front of someone (that I should have had enough time to get in front of…but she was speeding) and really pissed her off…I mean honking, screaming, throwing her hands up in the air, etc…she was torqued! About two seconds, after I pulled out in front of her, we both had to stop at a stoplight…which is super-comfortable when you are right next to the person still gnashing their teeth at you. So, I did the opposite of what any sane person would do and rolled my window down. She rolled hers down too and was sucking in wind to give me a piece of her mind. I started talking before she had a chance: “I understand that it is frustrating that I pulled out in front of you but can I just say that we were both approaching a red light and had to stop anyway and that it just doesn’t seem worth it to let this ruin your day.” This knocked the wind out of her. She opened and closed her mouth a few times and then slowly said, “You are absolutely right.” Then she smiled and we both went on our way.

I’m so glad that this happened this way with my kids able to watch…not because I want to teach them to roll your window down for every hot-tempered maniac out there…no, that is not why…but because I was just telling them about how we have a choice about how we let what others do affect us. I had just told Caleb that if you are going to get worked up about something, make it count…let it be worthy of your energy! Let it be about justice, freedom, love, or our God. Don’t let it be about gatorade…or someone cutting you off in traffic. I also pointed out to him that Michaela getting something takes nothing from him. We love Michaela and because we do, we should be happy for her when something good happens to her. Love is not jealous and our God is not short on blessings…they aren’t limited…and someone else receiving one does not reduce our chances of receiving one. When I talked to the angry driver, pointing out that she was going to have to brake for the red light seemed to help her out…I didn’t take anything from her…I probably kept her from having an accident because she was going way to fast as she approached that stoplight. But, regardless, she made a choice when I gently confronted her. She chose to let it go. She chose to not let it alter her entire day. She chose not to let this steal her joy.

So, how are you doing with this? Are there little things in your life eliciting unnecessarily large responses and taking up space in your mind and heart? Is your energy being sucked up by unimportant things? What could you be doing to re-prioritize the things/people who are important to you. What could you be doing to utilize your emotional energy in a more productive way? How can you find a way to be happy for others who have something that you want?

Praying for contentment for us all right where we are. Also praying that we would be energized on whatever mission/calling God would have for each of us. Much love friends,


7/10/14 Morning Musing: I Want to Be My Kid When I Grow Up!

Yesterday morning, I received a text from our new next-door neighbor. She was telling me that her kiddos and my kiddos had wanted to do a lemonade stand and that she had gone and bought lemonade mix as well as baked cookies for the kiddos to use. Then she said that it was all for charity. I said ok and asked her which charity. Her response was “the water one that your kids are so excited about.” I can’t express how much I love this. By talking with our children about some of the needs in the world and the things that we are passionate about, our kids have become passionate as well. (Some of you remember that both kids decided this year to skip receiving birthday presents at their parties, and instead, ask guests to consider donating to Water is Basic or the Humane Society.) And the kids have inspired passion in others as a result.

There are so many things I am learning from this! The first thing is that inspiration is contagious! Stan and I were inspired by the message of Water is Basic (Not only do entire communities of people become healthier when clean water is available to them…but women and girls, specifically, benefit because when they aren’t endangering themselves to fetch and clean water for their families, they are able to attend school…and education is what changes entire communities and reduces poverty.) Stan and I shared this information with Michaela and Caleb. Michaela and Caleb have shared this message with all of the kids that attended their birthday parties, the neighbor kids and their parents, and everyone who came to the lemonade/cookie/rainbow loom bracelet stand yesterday. Each person who was touched by this gave generously to this cause. No doubt about it! People want to be inspired and inspiration is contagious!

The next thing I learned is that we shouldn’t doubt our ability to bring change in this world. I have been guilty (many times) of feeling over-whelmed when I see a world-wide problem and thinking that nothing I do will make a difference. These four children haven’t learned that faulty lesson in life yet. Their goal was to minister to the affected people and they did precisely that without self-doubt or any hesitation at all. Can you imagine how differently this world would look if adults could embrace this truth the way children do? Why do we feel that squelching that way of thinking is part of growing up? It shouldn’t be!

The last thing that I learned from this is that we all have opportunity to do good in the world where we are right now. We all have the opportunity to love someone well, to show someone respect, to share the truth of Jesus, to express gratitude, to show kindness, to be selfless, and to be generous. Those customers yesterday at the lemonade stand all were expressing generosity in response to the inspiration of those children. They all responded to an opportunity to love others and bring about change.

So how are you doing with this? What passion has God put on your heart? What are you doing to pursue that passion? How does that passion benefit others? What opportunities do you have right now in your life to love others well? Are you pursuing those opportunities? How might your life be richer if you were to focus on pursuing the passions that God has placed in you?

My prayer today is that we will all live the out the purpose and passions that God has instilled in us. Much love friends,


P.S. I have not yet sent the check to Water is Basic. If you would like to contribute before I send it, please let me know!

7/8/14 Morning Musing: The Opportunity of Sucking at Something

I counted this morning…this will be my 88th Morning Musing. That’s a lot of writing for someone who does not consider herself a writer…for someone who has jokingly referred to herself as a highly-educated illiterate for years…for someone who really doesn’t like to write and who doesn’t read to learn. As a matter of fact, I probably wouldn’t read my own writing (sorry Jackie…I know you said not to say that but I am anyway)…I prefer bullet points and then learning by touching. Nothing makes my eyes glaze over like a large block of text. So why? Why am I writing each of these musings? Sometimes it’s for me…sometimes I’m working through something…wrestling…and I’m trying to make sense of it. But most of the time, it’s not for me. Most of the time, I am asking God to put something on my heart if it will help someone I know…asking to be a tool in his hand…asking for a way to show him more and connect to those he loves more…and even though I am not a writer, I am finding that I feel fulfilled, challenged, and satisfied when I write.

Why am I telling you this? Glad you asked! I think that God can use each of us to make change on this Earth. Now bear with me, I’m not telling you to sell everything you have, uproot your family, and go into foreign mission work full time…unless, of course, you are hearing that from God. What I am saying is that our weaknesses combined with his strengths and the passions that he has instilled in us are an amazing combination. I mean, take me: I literally have brain damage from the poisoning a few years back, I am deathly afraid of public speaking/performing, I am the world’s slowest reader, writing was always my weakest area in school, and the thought that you all could be judging me harshly sends me into hives…and I am writing most mornings from thoughts entering this damaged brain and putting everything I think and feel out in public to be judged by everyone I’ve ever met…and some people I’ve never met. When I say it like that, I terrify myself! But yet, I am doing it.

See, I think we all are gifted with certain talents and abilities. Obviously, we should utilize those gifts in life. But, there is a lot to be gained through our weaknesses. Think of it like this: when an olympic gymnast is able to do a back hand-spring…people aren’t shocked and they don’t tend to take notice. But if my grandma suddenly did a back hand-spring, people would put her on the news! She would probably end up on a talk show. She would have a bazillion hits on youtube. Why? Not because a hand-spring is news-worthy…because people are inspired when they see someone rise above their weaknesses. People see God when he fills in where we are deficient. (Think Moses.)

Now the challenge. I think God wants to utilize each of us…our strengths and our weaknesses…to touch the hearts of others…to inspire others…to point others to him…to show each other love…to bring life to this world. I think there is something that we each shy away from that maybe we should be embracing…not because it’s comfortable for us…but because it is uncomfortable…because it magnifies him when our weaknesses are spot-lighted and the world gets to see how he fills in the void. What is God calling to mind for you that you are dismissing? What are you refusing to hand to God with open hands? In what area do you doubt his strength?

I am praying for each of you today to have a quiet place to calm your objections and listen to what God would ask of you. I am praying for each of you to experience the joy of obedience in your areas of weakness. Much love friends!


7/2/14 Morning Musing: Reformed Habanero

I know it’s weird, but I’m going to share this with you anyway. I eat my emotions so it stands to reason that I also think of different people’s personalities in terms of food. Stan, for instance, is chocolate. He gets along with everyone and people always seem to be glad he’s there. You can mix him in with nuts, other sweets, or even savory and he will get along just fine. I, on the other hand, am a work in progress. I used to be habanero…people either loved me or hated me. I had a very harsh way of speaking and didn’t pull any punches which sometimes left those closest to me battered. I felt that if I injured someone with the things that I said that it was their fault for being weak. Yeah…that was me…there has been a lot of change in me (at least I hope there has been) in the last decade or so. I would say that now, I’m more like cilantro…people still either have a taste for me or not but I’m not as offensive as a pepper that will smack you before you know what happened. Some people find me refreshing and some people don’t care for this flavor but it’s less offensive now.

Why am I talking about food and abrasive personalities? Well, I’ve noticed over the last few days how divided people are (once again) over happenings in politics. While I believe we should be informed about decisions in our government, I don’t think that it gives us the right to lose our humanity with people who disagree with us. Gentleness is a characteristic of God and people who follow him closely:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, GENTLENESS, self-control. Against such there is no law. And those who are Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another. (Galatians 5:22-26 NKJV)

To the Christians who are reading this, please understand that you are a Christ-follower first and foremost. Don’t let your connection with a political party, club, group of people, work-place, or anything else cast your connection with Jesus in the shadows. I’m not saying that you should boast more about your religious affiliations…I’m saying that you should boast less and, instead, live out your religious convictions. If you are a Christ-follower, the verses above describe what should be flowing out of you…not unkind things about people’s character. I seriously doubt that people on either side of this debate “hate women” or have “zero respect for life.” I don’t believe that the two sides of this debate are as polarized as we would make this out to be. I believe that both sides of this debate truly believe that what they are pursuing is ethical and upright…but they are looking at it from different perspectives. When we imply that anyone that disagrees with us is morally bankrupt and thus is against God, we are making very strong statements on God’s behalf…that is very serious and I think that he takes that very seriously. When we make those statements absent of the fruit of the Spirit flowing from us, we are the hypocrites that drive people away from Christianity and Jesus.

The point? Simply that we all represent what/who we stand for. Let’s make sure we are representing accurately. If someone represented you incorrectly, you would get pissed. Let’s not do that to God please.

Praying for kindness and gentleness for all. May we all pursue a better flavor in our lives. Much love friends,


7/1/14 Morning Musing: Happiness is Not a Future Event

I remember the summer that I put Michaela in 8 Vacation Bible Schools. Yes, you read that correctly…EIGHT Vacation Bible Schools. I was mothering two wee-littles and was struggling from the after-math of the poisoning and I just couldn’t handle the noise of the children and I couldn’t muster the energy required to keep them happy. My health was draining the family financially and V.B.S. was affordable at most of the churches around here. Caleb wasn’t old enough for most of the V.B.S.s that were offered but Michaela was and I jumped at the chance to take her. (Not my finest parenting moment admittedly…but I was so unhappy and so depleted.)

At the time, I was staring at my circumstances and just couldn’t seem to fathom how I had gotten here. Don’t get me wrong, I know beyond a doubt, that I am so very blessed in so many ways…but I just couldn’t get happy. I couldn’t will myself to be happy…which is saying a lot for a go-getter like me…I can will a lot of things into motion…but I couldn’t get happy…and I couldn’t get healthy…and I couldn’t get energy…and it sucked. It’s a pretty terrible feeling to think that your child would be better off spending her days with strangers than with yourself because you’re so toxic that you’re afraid you’ll rub off on her…but that is where I was. I was existing and putting off happiness for the future when I could be well. Putting off happiness for the future when the kids were more self-sufficient. Putting off happiness for the future when both kids would be in school. Putting off happiness for the future when…

Happiness is not a future event. Happiness is for now regardless of your circumstances. Last week, an amazing woman died. She was young and beautiful and an encouragement to everyone around her. And by all accounts, even when she was suffering with intense pain from her brain tumor or the terrible treatments of her tumor, she was happy and encouraging to others. Everyone who knew her, even in passing, could see joy oozing from her pores. It was contagious! While her life was cut short, she lived a real life…a truthful life…a happy life. Clearly, it was not because of her circumstances…but because of her God. He gave her value, mission, and joy despite what she suffered.

During the aftermath of the poisoning, I wish I had suffered as valiantly as this woman did. I wish I had brought joy and happiness to those around me. I can’t re-live the past and make it right but I can learn from mistakes and I can learn from people who did get it right. So, this is what I have learned:
1. Happiness is not a future event. Happiness and Joy are meant to be experienced every single day. Our lives are a gift, an unpredictable gift, but a gift none the less.
2. God has instilled passions in us for a reason…it helps us to joyfully reflect who he is to the world around us. Nothing is as beautiful as a person joyfully doing what they were designed to do by God. It inspires others and points others to the source of joy!
3. Happiness and Joy are not something that we can will ourselves to deeply experience…but we can will ourselves to pursue them through pursuing God. In my experience, truly pursuing God is never a wasted effort.
4. If you are stuck in unhappiness, consider getting your hormones checked out. It made a huge difference for me. If you are chemically imbalanced, it is hard to see your world truthfully.
5. Happiness is best shared. Not only does it spread, but sharing it with others makes it take a deeper root in you.

Praying for happiness and health for you all. Much love friends,


Photo taken from: http://avenue-25.blogspot.com/2014/01/7-ways-that-people-die-before-they-are.html