7/10/14 Morning Musing: I Want to Be My Kid When I Grow Up!

Yesterday morning, I received a text from our new next-door neighbor. She was telling me that her kiddos and my kiddos had wanted to do a lemonade stand and that she had gone and bought lemonade mix as well as baked cookies for the kiddos to use. Then she said that it was all for charity. I said ok and asked her which charity. Her response was “the water one that your kids are so excited about.” I can’t express how much I love this. By talking with our children about some of the needs in the world and the things that we are passionate about, our kids have become passionate as well. (Some of you remember that both kids decided this year to skip receiving birthday presents at their parties, and instead, ask guests to consider donating to Water is Basic or the Humane Society.) And the kids have inspired passion in others as a result.

There are so many things I am learning from this! The first thing is that inspiration is contagious! Stan and I were inspired by the message of Water is Basic (Not only do entire communities of people become healthier when clean water is available to them…but women and girls, specifically, benefit because when they aren’t endangering themselves to fetch and clean water for their families, they are able to attend school…and education is what changes entire communities and reduces poverty.) Stan and I shared this information with Michaela and Caleb. Michaela and Caleb have shared this message with all of the kids that attended their birthday parties, the neighbor kids and their parents, and everyone who came to the lemonade/cookie/rainbow loom bracelet stand yesterday. Each person who was touched by this gave generously to this cause. No doubt about it! People want to be inspired and inspiration is contagious!

The next thing I learned is that we shouldn’t doubt our ability to bring change in this world. I have been guilty (many times) of feeling over-whelmed when I see a world-wide problem and thinking that nothing I do will make a difference. These four children haven’t learned that faulty lesson in life yet. Their goal was to minister to the affected people and they did precisely that without self-doubt or any hesitation at all. Can you imagine how differently this world would look if adults could embrace this truth the way children do? Why do we feel that squelching that way of thinking is part of growing up? It shouldn’t be!

The last thing that I learned from this is that we all have opportunity to do good in the world where we are right now. We all have the opportunity to love someone well, to show someone respect, to share the truth of Jesus, to express gratitude, to show kindness, to be selfless, and to be generous. Those customers yesterday at the lemonade stand all were expressing generosity in response to the inspiration of those children. They all responded to an opportunity to love others and bring about change.

So how are you doing with this? What passion has God put on your heart? What are you doing to pursue that passion? How does that passion benefit others? What opportunities do you have right now in your life to love others well? Are you pursuing those opportunities? How might your life be richer if you were to focus on pursuing the passions that God has placed in you?

My prayer today is that we will all live the out the purpose and passions that God has instilled in us. Much love friends,


P.S. I have not yet sent the check to Water is Basic. If you would like to contribute before I send it, please let me know!


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