9/10/14 Morning Musing: God is Not Overwhelmed

I have a girlfriend who just found out her son has mono, she has 3 kids attending 3 different schools, workload has just increased, has a friend out of town that she feels burdened to visit and help, and she just selflessly has signed up with her husband to lead a table for the marriage ministry that I run. God is not overwhelmed.

I have an aunt who has been diagnosed with various forms of cancer more times than I can count. She has been through more surgeries, chemo treatments, and side-effects to various drugs than anyone should ever endure. She has lost babies, husbands, and has encountered so much heartbreak in her life. God is not overwhelmed.

I have a girlfriend who has been to multiple funerals this year…friends…family…and has spent a lot of time in hospitals with people (aside from working in a hospital) in order to pour into others. She is a nurse by vocation but also by calling. She cries with the broken-hearted, finds ways to encourage and lift up others, and has created a special place for grieving parents at her hospital when they lose a baby. She has planned a “Mercy Run” for later this month and is so very gifted with Compassion. Even though her plate is full, she takes on more. God is not overwhelmed.

I was poisoned and broken and bitter. I couldn’t escape the violation that my family endured. It was brought to mind with every meal, every moment of isolation and loneliness, every broken relationship, every time I looked at my children and knew I was incapable of helping them, every time I felt like a failure because I just couldn’t get out of bed, and every time I doubted God and fussed at him. God is not overwhelmed.

I have been finding myself saying this to many of my friends lately for many different reasons: little daily stressors that make you crazy, huge life-altering events that leave you knowing that life will never be the same again, and everything in between. God is NOT overwhelmed. I know that sounds simplistic…and trust me, I am telling myself this as much as I am telling anyone else…but it’s true and we can count on it no matter our problems: Health? God made human bodies…do we really think there is anything that he can’t “figure out” in us? Finances? God creates a new heaven and a new earth out of jewels and gold and finery…those are the cement and bricks…do you think money stumps him??? Death? God created life…every single form of it…and he created eternal life…Jesus defeated death…the grave could not hold him…do you think death scares him??? (I think it saddens him…but it does NOT overwhelm him.) Out of control and busy schedule? God created time and gifted each one of us…he instills our passions in us…he breathed life into our lungs…he has given us the time and resources to do everything that he has called us to do (not necessarily everything we put on our schedule to do.) Time burdens and busy-ness do not overwhelm our God.

Why am I rambling today? Well, I think it is easy for me to lose perspective…to get overwhelmed because I am weak and simple. But regardless of what I am going through, my God is not overwhelmed. I lose sight of the big picture constantly…I get bogged down in the details and forget that God has created me for certain things…important things…and all the other crap is just stuff that I have added to the pile. This stuff distracts me from the important things by masquerading as important. Let me give an example: I sat down to write this morning and was immediately distracted by my dirty house and I found myself pulling out the cleanser and spraying down the counters and then thinking about laundry, sweeping the floors, running errands, oh…and work I need to get to for marriage ministry…do you see where this is going? Those are all good things…none of it is sinful…but it isn’t important unless God has called me to do it now. All I am responsible for is to be obedient to him in this moment. He puts the musings on my heart for a reason and at specific times, I must be obedient and follow through with these when he tells me to or else I could miss the window of opportunity of it touching whoever it is meant to touch. When I work on my own task list instead of his, that is when I get overwhelmed. But God is not overwhelmed and thankfully, every moment is another opportunity to be obedient to his calling.

So how are you doing with this? Are you overwhelmed? Does your list and your life have you fretting? Do you trust God to do what he wants with your life and your time? Is there something overwhelming you, that you are holding on to, that you need to release to him? Is there someone that you need to release to him? Is there a mission you are called to that you are not beginning because your life is too overwhelming to start? What can you surrender to our God right now?

I am praying for simplicity in our lives. I am praying that we will all find time to have a heart-to-heart with God today and determine what is on mission and what is a distractor. I am praying that he will give us the strength and self-control to stay on mission, use our gifts, and fulfill the purpose that he has put in front of us today. I am praying that we will not be overwhelmed because God has provided everything we need to accomplish what He would have us accomplish. Much love friends,


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