2/17/15 Morning Musing: The Lure, Limitations, and Lies Offered By Your Comfort

Over the last few weeks, I have witnessed a lot of movement by the Holy Spirit. I know…it sounds a little weird…hell, it sounds a lot weird…even to me. But the thing is, I asked him to use me. I asked him to be present and real in my life and to use my life to tell a story for him. And he has! In tangible, mind-blowing, breath-holding, sanity-questioning, comfort-leaving ways! So this got me thinking
about how quickly God responded to my request to be useful to him…how many people suddenly came to mind that needed encouragement…how many damaged relationships started mending…how many new opportunities began to reveal themselves…and it occurred to me that while God doesn’t NEED me, he sure wants me along for the ride with him…he wants my company and my heart…and…me! That thought was really flattering and made me feel loved until the next thought invaded: “Wait a minute…I’ve never known the Holy Spirit to do a lot of moving just for the cardiovascular benefits that he might get from it…Crap! He isn’t moving because he wants me to be comfortable. Dang it! I have a feeling that he is going to ask me to get uncomfortable.” I am ashamed to admit that I briefly thought, “No, no…maybe he needs to use someone else…”

The truth is, being comfortable has never positively impacted the world. It’s never opened the eyes and hearts of people and reached their souls. When I think of the great ones…the ones who changed hearts and minds…the ones who loved deeply and selflessly…the ones whose names we all will remember because, even though we never met them in person, they have inspired and encouraged and sacrificed to leave a legacy of love…well, in those people…I don’t see a pattern of seeking their own comfort. Mother Teresa probably wasn’t very comfortable in that first year of her missionary quest when she found herself destitute and begging. Martin Luther King Jr was probably a “tad” uncomfortable as he consoled his child while pulling a charred cross from the ground in his front yard. Rosa Parks may have been sitting on that bus but I doubt she could be described as comfortable as she was being arrested. These people changed the world in their discomfort.

So, how are you doing with this? Are you comfortable? Are you in pain? Whatever you are feeling right now, does it line up with your mission in life? (Do you even have a mission in life?) Is your mission self-focused or others-focused? What comforts might God be asking you to release in order to make a difference in someone’s life? What is holding you back? I can help but picture, at the end of my life, having to look at God and explain that the reason I didn’t help others was because I valued my own comfort so highly…or because Grey’s Anatomy was on…or because I was happy to accept his grace but didn’t value it enough to share it with others.

My prayer today is that we would value others so much that they can’t help but see that we love them. That we would take inventory of our time, money, and resources and identify where we need to make changes so that we can be on mission…mission to love others well and love things and status and comfort less. Much love friends,



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