6/2/15 Short Morning Musing: Taking the Time to See

I received a card yesterday from my friend’s aunt who lives in Tennessee. She painted the art work, wrote out scriptures, and wrote the most encouraging of notes inside by simply letting me know that she was thinking about me. She couldn’t have known, when she mailed the card, that I would be spending my day in pain. She couldn’t have known how frustrated and down I would be at the moment that I hobbled out to the mailbox. She couldn’t have known that I would be spending yesterday morning laying on the floor and crying as I tried to move my neck the tiniest bit and fussing at God for allowing me to live with chronic pain. But that was my reality when the card came to my hands yesterday and that one gesture, from someone several states away, brought joy to my miserable day…and reminded me that it is still such a blessing to have a miserable day. (The alternative certainly isn’t as appealing.) She had no idea how much that would bless me but God did…and when he put it on her heart to spend that time and energy on the card, she obeyed him. I’m sure she had a list of things to do…had life’s demands staring her in the face…had her own life to lead…but she put those things to the side when she felt God ask her to share beauty and truth with someone.

So how are you doing with this? Is there someone in your life that God wants you to love on? What way has God equipped you to love that person well? Have you been holding back for fear that it might be seen as silly? What are your talents and gifts and passions? How can you use those creatively to let others feel “seen?” Friends, I don’t think that loving gestures are ever wasted.
My prayer today is that we would quiet the noise of our lives enough to be able to hear God…that we would see people as a higher priority than tasks on our lists. I am praying that we would think outside of ourselves and consider others today…that we would take the time to love well and by doing so, breathe peace into people’s lives. Much love friends,


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