Masseyisms of 2016

2016 has been a great year for Team Massey!  Just for fun, here are some of the Masseyisms from the past year.  I’m not listing names so that you can try to guess which Massey said which quotes.  Have fun and Happy New Year from Team Massey (Bekah, Stan, Michaela, Caleb (and Shiner & Bock))
1. Saturday and Sunday don’t count because we get to annoy you on those days already.
2. I don’t need a shirt to sleep at night because my giant muscles keep me warm.
3. If Jesus is number 1, there is no number 2. βœβ˜πŸΌπŸš«πŸ’©
4. Use some problem-solving skills…a monkey could totally figure that out!
5. No more laughing and having fun…only getting ready for bed.
6. The boys aren’t here…let’s eat all the chocolate!
7. I’ve got to do acid every night with duct tape.
8. I’m eating my potato because I like ice cream.
9. Y’all, I don’t know why but when that guy said “y’all” it just sounded weird.
10. Well, I have a strong sense of smell and Shiner has a strong sense of stink.
11. You got it…you just need more spit.
12. Ok, I get take and taken…but when do you use tooken?
13. I’d like cake Alamo please. 
14. What you need is to be less grumpy…and more humpy.
15. You just put the donut in my elbow pit.
16. I do have a cup holder for the water bottle but it’s full of Michaela’s pine cones.
17. Yo, I’m a rapper and I’m here to say that I wrap all the toys for Christmas Day!
18. You’re going to need a bra if you want to get donuts.
19. I’m going to go outside…because that’s where my shorts are.
20. The second you started praying, Dad started pulling down his pants!
21. I love special bathrooms!
22. You’re the one whose goofy…you go somewhere else.
23. No pants time!
24. That’s it! No more Mr. Nice Brother.
25. I’m just going to leave my nuts on the counter.
26. God wove me in my mother’s loom. It’s from the Bible!
27. Michaela’s uterus thingy, that hangs in the back of your throat, is really tiny!
28. When I do it, it’s always hot yoga!
29. I always sweat from my butt!
30. It’s a hard nut life!
31. Are you just going to eat jelly beans for dinner?…cuz that is kinda awesome.
32. My platform for student council? Balls. I want to have balls.
33. Yuck! Are they gonna suck it face?!
34. Why is it that when people start kissin’ they get all crazy? 
35. Yes, poop grows very well in our garden!
36. You’re making me hot…and not in a sensual way. 
37. Mmmmmmmm…comfort food…I can’t wait to get naked and eat it!
38. “I smell something burning.” **another Massey immediately says “You’re having a stroke.” without missing a beat**
39. Yes! I got the golden poo! Now, to see what it does…
40. I would fart all the time if they smelled like donuts and cake.
41. I think everyone farts at least once a day.
42. That would be a great super power! Sleep-toots!
43. There is something about shotgun and bun warmers that makes it feel like Christmas is here.
44. What?! This fancy new car doesn’t have foot warmers…that work in my living room?!


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