8/15/18 Morning Musing: Perspective Shift In The Midst Of Chaos

In the middle of the muddle this morning, both my kids started back to school and something was just off. Don’t get me wrong, I think that both kids are prepared and ready for a fantastic school year. But, there was a little anxiety in the kids that manifested as grumpiness for them as well as for Stan and I. Then we found out about the death of an amazing man of God from our church. (He leaves behind a wife and 3 sons.) So, I think we all felt just unsettled and off-kilter this morning.

My to-do list is as long as my arm for today…there are so many things to do that have an urgency to them…and unfortunately, most of them are also important. But I feel strongly like I am supposed to spend time with God this morning (which I often do through writing…hence the musing.).

So today, I am putting my list aside a while so that I can spend time with Jesus instead and when I return to the list, I am going to turn the “to-do list” into a “love list.” I started doing this a while back and it has helped me a lot. Instead of items to do on my list, I am looking at the list as a way to love on people. For example when I do the laundry, I can pray for the people whose clothes I am folding. While filling out school forms, I can see it as loving my kids well. While meal-planning, I can think about how blessed I am to have this family here with me now and can ask God to protect them and hold them closely to himself.

When there is a death of someone from our community, it is important to take stock of our lives…it’s an opportunity to remember how amazingly blessed we are…and if we allow it to, it can lead to a perspective-shift. Lord, may we all get a perspective shift today…may we all have eyes to see your presence and your goodness despite our circumstances.

So how are you doing with this? Are you going through the motions? Are you on auto-pilot in life? Where can you be more present? Where can you perspective-shift? In what ways can you love your people better? In what ways can you turn your chores or work into blessings for others? Are you even receiving from God so that you can be a source through which God can bless your people? Is God simply asking you to just spend some time with him?

Today, my prayer is that God would love on all the kids, parents, and teachers as the new school year starts. Lord, please love on the families that are hurting and broken right now…please equip those around them with all the tools necessary to minister to them well. God, I ask that you would draw us to you and make us crave you so that we can pour out what you are pouring into us. I ask that you help us see opportunities to perspective-shift…that we would see your presence and love over our to-do lists. God, help us to just keep inviting more of you into our lives. Amen

Much Love Friends,


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